Things are not smooth sailing for me. I hope that everything will be fix soon. Lady luck please shine on me. Please let everything get back on track before I start crumbling down.

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Never a doubt, CNY has proven itself to be very boring for me this year. I literally rot at home on the CNY eve and the 1st day of CNY. Oh on a side note, I fell down and gt a huge Ang Pao just before CNY. Hope that it will not leave any scar.


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  • Jan 18 Tue 2011 19:25
  • Lost

Have you ever being in a situation whereby you felt really lost? When you are unsure about your next step, and you spend time pondering at your decision. You will appear quieter than usual and your mind is constantly reeling with a lot of thoughts. You roughly gauge the consequence of your decision and the level of risk. Then, you start to ask around.

And, you'll meet you first setback.

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Nowadays, more and more pop groups are being introduce into the media. Mandarin-Pop, J-Pop, K-pop etc etc. Half a decade ago, J-Pop rule our hearts with SMAP, Arashi, V6, KATTUN, NEWS, Kanjani 8, Morning Musume, Love Psychedelico etc. I still remember the time when my girl friends and I were exchanging albums, VCDs and DVDs about NEWS, Arashi, KATTUN and LEAD. Rushing over to Kinokuniya to buy the latest magazine, Wink Up, Potato, Duet. Heading over to Heeran and Cineleisure to Mise e*clusive to buy their photos, posters etc etc.

J-Pop artiste are super strong and steady with the singings. They can sing, dance, jump and run around and still sound just as great during live. They never fail to amaze me. However, for some groups, their dancing is kinda corny IMO and they over decor their performance suit. Nevertheless, I enjoy their performance.

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