Nowadays, more and more pop groups are being introduce into the media. Mandarin-Pop, J-Pop, K-pop etc etc. Half a decade ago, J-Pop rule our hearts with SMAP, Arashi, V6, KATTUN, NEWS, Kanjani 8, Morning Musume, Love Psychedelico etc. I still remember the time when my girl friends and I were exchanging albums, VCDs and DVDs about NEWS, Arashi, KATTUN and LEAD. Rushing over to Kinokuniya to buy the latest magazine, Wink Up, Potato, Duet. Heading over to Heeran and Cineleisure to Mise e*clusive to buy their photos, posters etc etc.

J-Pop artiste are super strong and steady with the singings. They can sing, dance, jump and run around and still sound just as great during live. They never fail to amaze me. However, for some groups, their dancing is kinda corny IMO and they over decor their performance suit. Nevertheless, I enjoy their performance.

But, that doesn't stop K-pop from rising and taking over some of our hearts. Right now, more people I know are gaga-ing over K-Pop groups. Big Bang, SNSD, Wondergirls, 2NE1, SuJu etc etc. Even though some groups are not as strong as the J-Pop artiste during live, but they rock as well.

However, did any of you notice any similarity in all these popular groups?

None of the artiste, repeat after me, NONE of them are overweight.


Or rather, they are really really slim.


Right now, K-Pop industry has break free from the norm and introduce this awesome girl group, PIGGY DOLLS! Ok, stop snickering at the group name. I do find the name, a tad insulting when I first heard it. Yes, and you've guess it correctly. The members in the PIGGY DOLLS are overweight, unlike their fellow colleagues. However, it just take one live performance to blew you off. I seriously felt that their live sounds better than their recordings. Powerful vocals, BOMBASTIC live! Do check it out:


Original MV



Do you like them?

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