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  • Lost

Have you ever being in a situation whereby you felt really lost? When you are unsure about your next step, and you spend time pondering at your decision. You will appear quieter than usual and your mind is constantly reeling with a lot of thoughts. You roughly gauge the consequence of your decision and the level of risk. Then, you start to ask around.

And, you'll meet you first setback.


Your mum is not supportive of your decision. Then you start to doubt yourself all over again.

I'm going through this now. Life couldn't be better a couple of months ago, but, the Earth is constantly revolving and one can never be standing on the good position for long. Why can't this be longer for my case?

Maybe God is telling me something. But, but, I am not good at guessing. :/


However, tomorrow will be an AWESOME day. I'm sure of it.

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  • angelpie
  • >SRY, I would love to reply your comment in private, however, you will not be to read my replies as you are not a pixnet user. Yes, I've been caught in such scenario before, and the attempts to clear up kind of screwed thing up even more. Thanks for your wishes and may I know you are...?
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  • angelpie
  • >SRY, Hi again. :) Apology accepted even though I do not know what is the apology for. But, I am really curious about your real identity. Its alright if you do not wish to disclose yourself. However, I guess that this misunderstanding is for quite some years back huh? I believe that we are mature enough to handle issues more maturely. So there is a room to clear up misunderstanding.

    IF you do not wish to identify your identity, I respect your decision, and sincerely wish you all the best. Cheers! :)
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  • angelpie
  • >SRY, seriously, who are you? I have no habit of avoiding anyone in my life.
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  • angelpie
  • >SRY, seriously, I do not have the time to play the Guess Who game with you. If you do not have the courage to fess up your identity, then just seriously get out of my life and out of my blog. What is your intention in the first place when you left this message on the wall? You do not wish to reveal your identity and yet you keep dropping those annoying subtle hints to me. As a human you have proven yourself to be ironic.
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